Dave Munday is Future Creation’s principal facilitator and has been facilitating groups in Victoria, the Northern Territory and the Kimberley over the past 20 years.  He has significant experience in facilitation, community engagement, strategic planning, program management and capacity building. Through a recent role as Regional Manager for a Government department Dave also offers skills and expertise in management processes including facilitating policy development, building strong and effective teams, mentoring and coaching teams and individuals and program and project management.

Previous projects and clients range from:

  • Ord irrigation cooperative, development of 3 yr strategic plan Feb 2012
  • Department Environment and Conservation, Kimberley Region. Development of East Kimberley 3 yr strategic plan March 2012
  • Northern Territory Cattleman’s association, Facilitation of 28th Northern Australian Beef Forum, 380 participants, March 2012
  • Charles Darwin University, Freshwater Ecology and Management theme, Team building and development of Strategic plan. April 2012
  • Country planning with Indigenous Traditional owners
  • Assisting regional NRM bodies with developing regional NRM strategies
  • Larger scale community development projects and forums

Dave’s unique style allows him to create consensus and confidence in disparate groups and he has the ability to encourage leadership and growth in others.

Contact Dave:
Email: dave@futurecreation.com.au
Ph: 0499 230 009

Liz Brown is Co Facilitator and the Business Manager for Future Creation and has over 15 years experience in the NRM field in Victoria, the Northern Territory and the Kimberley.  Liz has skills and extensive experience in facilitation, project planning, project management, evaluation and communication. Liz’s experience includes working with Indigenous organisations, traditional owner groups and on ground Indigenous ranger projects.

Liz has a thoughtful and reflective approach giving her the ability to develop varied options and solutions that allow participants to explore and undertake alternative paths to the future.

Liz is skilled and experienced in writing detailed reports, the analysis of issues, and development of action plans and funding applications, this experience has been gained through various roles within government departments, not for profit organisations, and community groups involved in agriculture and Natural Resource Management.

Contact Liz:
Email: liz@futurecreation.com.au
Ph: 0457 107 560