The values underpinning Future Creation are about assisting others explore options, develop skills and build the future they believe in. We are passionate about the role of participatory facilitation processes and know that involvement in participatory processes encourages and allows individuals to share their ideas and thoughts in a safe and inclusive environment creating more sustainable and achievable outcomes. We have facilitated many events, workshops, forums, and planning sessions that have transformed organisations, teams and individuals

Group Facilitation

  • Workshop design and delivery
  • Large or small groups
  • Part, full or multi day workshops
  • Indigenous group facilitation experience
  • Learning group work

Strategic Planning

  • Strategic / Business planning for both Boards and Committees of Management
  • NRM planning at Regional, Catchment, sub-catchment and Landcare group level
  • Program and project planning
  • Program logic
  • Visioning

Community Engagement

  • Range of participatory process depending upon client needs
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Stakeholder feedback

Project Management

  • Concept development
  • Project planning and design
  • Operational work plans
  • Project Implementation and monitoring
  • Evaluation

Personal Planning

  • Work life balance
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Change management
  • DiSC communication styles understanding

Capacity Building

  • Team:-skill analysis, training needs identification
  • DiSC communication styles understanding
  • Organisations
  • Change management processes